579 - Prince Henry's Hospital Ethical and Moral Issues in Health Care

580 - SA Dept of Education Bright Children Have Rights

581 - WHO Breat Milk Substitutes

581A - Intergovernmental Buereau for Informatics International Consultive Commission for the Devt of Transborder Data Flows

582 - Salzburg Seminar Telecommunications Policy Issues and Regulatory Practices Affecting the Future

583 - ABC Tribute to Emeritus Professor Julius Stone

584 - Fed of Parents' and Citizens' Associations of NSW Public Education A Place for Excellence

585 - Society of Labor Lawyers Freedom of Speech and Defamation, Melancholy Reflections on the Failure of a Reform

586 - Hiroshima Day Lawyers and the Need to Bring Nuclear Weapons Under he Effective Control of International Law

587 - Book Launch The Law Handbook The Provision of Legal Advice to the Poor Remains A Major Problem

588 - Australian Institute of Tertiary Educational Administrators The Last of the Fiefdoms

589 - The Late The Honourable Francis Charles Hutley

590 - Macquarie Uni Tribute to Emeritus Professor Bruce Mansfield

591 - Library Promotion C'tee of Tas Libraries and the End of the New Feudalism

592 - Town of Albany Vancouver, The Bicentenary and the Law

593 - Crim Law Assoc of SA Pre Trial Publicity Free Speech v Fair Trial

594 - Dinner to Mark 1st Anniversary the Appt of Justice Kirby

595 - Australian Journal of Law and Society Julius Stone A Memoire

596 - NSW Police Third Commission's Dinner The Strength of the Police Lies in the Support of the People

597 - Nat Ombudsman Symposium Ombudsman The Future

598 - ALJ AIDS Legislation Turning Up The Heat

599 - Pub Service Assoc of SA The Changes Ahead in Employment, Industrial and Info Laws

600 - Book Launch Mishap of Malpractice A Defence of Medical Negligence Cases

601 - Seventh Day Adventist Church of Australia The Chamberlain Case Lifting our Sights

602 - ICJ Report of Justice Kirby

603 - Foreword Access to Gov't Doc Int Persp & Trends FOI Coming Counter Ref

604 - Foreword An Introduction to the Science of Peace (Irenology)

605 - Australian Foreign Affairs Record Australian Judge Proposes Reform of ICJ

606 - ALJ Human Rights The Challenge of New Technology

607 - Macquarie Uni Union Sydney's New Uni A Bicentennial Initiative in Education

608 - Legal Research Foundation of NZ Accountability and the Right to Reasons

609 - Int Congress of Psychosomatic Obstretrics and Gynaecology The Law and Intersexuality

610 - Dep't Justice, Can Privacy Law & OECD Guidelines Privacy Protection in Australia An Update

611 - Dep't of Justice, Canada The Protection of Personal Info Access to Info and Privacy The Ten Info Commandments

612 - Commission for the Future The New Tech , Human Rights and Global Perspectives

613 - Seminar on the Protection of Journalists in Conflict The Need for Red Cross Initiatives

614 - Cth Secretariat Medical Tech and Frontiers of Family Law

615 - Australian Institute of Criminology The Sentencing Council Revisited