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Paul Hassing- Aug 23, 2016 07:36 AM
Dear Sir, I just wanted to say how grateful I am that Australia is not yet bereft of wise people like you. I've long admired your pronouncements and compassion and my only sadness is that hearts and minds like yours seem so rare these days. Thank you for giving me hope that we, as a nation, may yet transcend the darkness that impends. Kindest regards, P.
Anthony- Aug 25, 2016 01:42 PM
Dear Mr. Kirby, Given your extensive experience in the law, UN. & Humanetarian issues for which you actively participate & contribute. It would be refreshing if government took notice of your sound advice, experience & knowledge. A great start would be the abolition of a plebiscite for gay marriage & a government prepared to make a decision on this issue, after all I thought that's what governments are elected to do. It appears superannuation reforms which affect retirees to save government money are budget priorities, however $160m for this referendum are considered acceptable. Careful with referendums, the most recent "brexit" event is a case In point. Thanks Mr. Kirby.
Patrick Tuttle- Aug 26, 2016 11:17 PM
Michael, I watched your interview on Lateline this evening. I am the CEO of a listed financial services business with operations in 6 countries, including Australia. As an employer of more than 1700 people globally, we have many staff who identify as LGBTIQ. As an Australian, I am vehemently opposed to a Plebiscite on the matter of gay marriage in Australia. Equally, as an Australian, I am very proud of what you have achieved during your working career and in particular as Chief Justice. Tonight, you eloquently put why the Parliament should vote on this matter, thereby enabling us all to move forward, particularly young people who may well be suffering within due to their sexuality or with their very identify as individuals. You are a wonderful Australian. Please continue to be the voice of reason and sensibility on this issue. I consider myself heterosexual and a devout Catholic. I also consider you to be a wonderful human being! I hope I can be an equally worthy role model to my own three children, and all of my employees both here in Australia and offshore. Thank you. Patrick Tuttle Co-Group CEO Pepper Group Limited Level 9, 146 Arthur Street North Sydney NSW 2060