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Religious Freedoms - Discrimination of LGBTIQ teachers and students

Former High Court Judge Michael Kirby talks on the issue of whether faith-based schools should be allowed to discriminate against students, teachers and staff.
Sunday 25 November 2018

Debate over religious freedom

Rev. Bill Crews spoke to Former High Court judge Michael Kirby about his concerns regarding the debate over religious freedom on 2GB, 873AM Radio, Sydney 

Broadcast by the ABC: Michael Kirby on religious freedoms

The former High Court judge Michael Kirby is calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to be a leader on LGBTIQ issues. 

Justice Michael Kirby interviewed by Swinburne senior lecturer Peter Robinson

Deep Listening

Interview on Michael Kirby about the importance of hearing and listening carefully in evaluating evidence.

Justice Michael Kirby was interviewed by Swinburne senior lecturer in sociology and history, Dr Peter Robinson

Conversation with Doctor Peter Robinson of Swinburne University in Melbourne, recorded on 17 May 2018. This concerns changes in community attitudes towards gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, including as they age.

An interview for BBC World Service radio Newshour

Mr. Kirby's recent interview for BBC World Service radio's Newshour on Monday, 19 March 2018 and broadcast worldwide. It concerns the latest developments in North Korea.