Episode 12: The rule of four with the Honourable Michael Kirby

An interview that was made in August 2021 by the Murdoch University Student Law Society in Perth, Western Australia.

The interview records the answers of Michael Kirby to questions asked by student interviewers. The questions concern the necessities of live as a lawyer and a judge; the obligation to apply the law; and the leeways of choice that are sometimes present for judicial decision-making. Specific mention is made by the speaker to the decision of the High Court of Australia in : Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs  v   B (2004) 219 CLR 365

The Decision illustrates the obligation to give effect to the law, even where that decision may appear to be individually unjust, but required by the provisions of the Australian Constitution, valid federal laws and mandated principles of statutory interpretation laid down by the High Court. Judges have leeways for choice. But they are not open-ended. The limits are set by the Constitution, any statute and neutral interpretation.

Under the Wig Podcast

The pod cast (which is aural only not video) deals with my experience as a law student; articled clerk; solicitor; barrister and judge.

Recorded by the Murdoch University Student Law Society in Perth WA

Human Rights Podcast

PODCAST - "Women and Children First"

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EPISODE ONE - Free and equal in dignity and rights: The Jurists


The episode concerns refugees and human rights. The podcast will be broadcast on 27 July, 3 August and 10 August.

Michael Kirby interview will be in episode 1 broadcast on 27 July 2021.

Michael Kirby Interview - IDAHOBIT 2021


Before the Court: A podcast by the Deakin Law Students’ Society

A recording of an interview with Olivia Gatsios of Deakin Law Students’ Society recorded on 10 May 2021 to mark IDAHOBIT Day 2021.  The International Day Against Homophobia

On Judges and Judging

A recorded interview with Mr Kirby about his work as a High Court Justice.  The recording was made on 19 October 2020 in Sydney. 

Broadcasting the 2010 Wilks Oration on Radio Adelaide

The lecture given in Adelaide in 2010, “The Wilks Oration, was delivered on the topic of a Bill of Rights for Australia”. 

It is a radio broadcast and the views expressed concern the arguments for and against a Bill of Rights for Australia.

Listen back to the broadcast here.