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This deals with the report of the Commission of Inquiry on North Korea, initiated by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations in 2013.  The report was delivered in March 2014.  It found many instances of crimes against humanity.  These instances included cases of forced abduction of people of many nationalities, caused by agents of North Korea.  Those abductions included the involuntary removal from Japan of many citizens (including young persons) to North Korea for the purposes of the North Korean regime.  In his statement, the chair of the COI, the Hon. Michael Kirby, called for fresh attention to the COI report, 10 years after it was delivered.  And unceasing efforts by the United Nations, Korea and Japan for the return of abductees to their homelands and for accountability for the crimes against humanity involved in the abductions. 

The statement by Michael Kirby appears approximately half way through the duration of the online symposium.